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2021-2022 Thespian Officers:

President: Gavin Rakocy

Vice President: Hunter Fillingim

Secretary: Railey Spurlock

Clerk: Nhien Ho and Ellie Glasscock

Historian: Emily Steele

Community Service: Hayden Walker

9/10 Grade Representative: Olivia Hardy

11/12 Grade Representative: Tori Hyder 

Publicity:  Laney Heath 

Troupe Liaison: Kenzie Johnson

STEAM Liaison: Dex Williams 

The International Thespian Society is a worldwide organization that acknowledges and awards excellence in educational theatre. Students gain status and notoriety in the organization through their involvement with their high school theatre department's productions. Students begin as Apprentices and, when they gain enough experience, may achieve full membership and even serve as a Troupe or state official. As a Troupe, the members gain theatre knowledge and respect for the art by attending plays produced by other schools and theatre companies in the area.  Students involved also gain the opportunity to be involved in numerous troupe events which include, but are not limited to: field days, movie nights, bowling nights, original fundraisers, and community service opportunities with the Ronald McDonald House and Relay for Life  The Troupe meets once a month. There is a $10 membership fee for each year a student serves as an Apprentice and a one-time fee of $30 to become a full member in the Troupe once the student has gained enough experience points.

Our Monthly Newsletter:


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